Machine vision

Barcode Scanning


Industry – Machine vision

Scope of application

Identification – Improving traceability – Inventory control – High speed scanning


Hardware engineering – LED assembly – LED semi-finished products – Software engineering

Customization option

Products can be customized/ designed according to the application – White labeling and OEM product design


Each application for a barcode scanning system requires a specific wavelength. For example, wavelengths such as 660nm (deep red), 735nm (far red), 860nm (infrared) and 960nm (infrared) are used.

PCB design

Our engineers can develop PCBs for any machine vision system. All our PCB designs meet the necessary certifications such as ROHS, ISO standards and UL certification.


Triggers can be easily and flexibly configured using the MaNima Configurator, MaNima Cloud, and UDP commands. The MaNima Pollux Industry has a wide range of inputs and outputs, such as digital contacts, Ethernet, Industrial Network Protocols.


Different types of housings can be used, this is determined on the basis of the LED application, it can be a standard housing, extrusion, mounting plate, frame or a custom solution.

Exposure time

The MaNima Pollux Industry can control light intensity and exposure time when connected to the machine’s control system/ PLC. For example, switching on the light of the LED fixture can be precisely timed with the exposure time of the camera.

High pwm capability

For LED installations where fast PWM capabilities are required, it is important to deal effectively with the long off-time and short high currents without degrading the quality and still process at a high speed. This can be achieved by connecting the MaNima Pollux Industry to the machine.