Architecture/Architecture (main)

LED fixtures seamless in surface



Scope of application

Public interiorsFaçade lightingWellnessLuxury housing


LED moulding

Customization option

Custom mechanical design for seamless integration into casted surfaces

Mechanical design

In cooperation with the developer, we can advise about the best mechanical design of the LED fixture.

Seamless LED moulding

By moulding LED fixtures on location, it is possible to seamlessly casting a LED fixture into a surface. The right resin should be applied for UV resistance (yellowing).

Waterproof IP68 and IK10 

A fully moulded LED fixture is IP68 and IK10 classified. Also protected against chemicals and weather conditions.


When LED fixtures are installed in materials that cannot be replaced, such as cast floors, we recommend that the components be installed redundantly, so that the functionality of the LED fixture can be guaranteed.

Level of transparancy

Different levels of transparancy are possible, depending enirely on the application. By implementing several layers of polyurethane or silicone, it is possible to obtain transparency from clear to completely diffuse.