Public areas

Central Stations


Architecture – Public areas

Scope of application

Passageway train stations


Project managementLED moulding – LED assembly – LED semi-finished products

Customization option

All LED solutions for public buildings/ areas are custom made

LED fixture requirements

Conditions for public spaces regarding fire safety, lux values, lumen output, functional LED Fixtures lighting without hotspots, etc. are of great importance in this type of installation. We can adapt or develop products/ installations so that they meet the requirements.

Light rendering 

Based on a light rendering, we can calculate the required lumen so that we know which LED product is suitable.

Technical area

For public buildings we recommend using controlling productsto be housed in a technical room. When there are defects or maintenance has to be carried out, the installation can be easily accessed.

Voltage drop compensation

High efficiency MaNima Pollux Module can be used to accommodate the voltage drop in large installations. This driver ensures that the LED fixtures can be set to the same intensity everywhere.

Light management systems

MaNima Interfaces are compatible with KNX, DALI, DMX and 0-10v protocols. But also with UDP commands and Art-Net.