Agri-Food/Machine vision

Custom LED Fixture in Agricultural Machinery


Industry – Machine Vision

Scope of application

Detection – Automatic inspections – Identification and recognition – Sorting applications


Hardware engineering – LED assembly – LED semi-finished products – Software engineering

Customization option

Products can be customized/ designed according to the application – White labeling and OEM product design

Custom LED Fixture in Agricultural Machinery

A high output LED Fixture was required to succesfully use machine vision in the sorting of agricultural products. A custom LED Fixture was designed and produced to fullfil the clients specifications.

Temperature monitoring

With the onboard NTC it is possible to measure the real-time temperature of the LED Fixture.

Machine Vision solutions

With a wide assortment of wavelengths, incl. full spectrum and hyperspectral, we are able to design and assemble an LED solution for each requirement. With our in-house hard- and software we can also reach exceptionally high performances with our LED Engines.

Exceptional Power output

In combination with the MaNima Pollux Industry Strobe mode and temperature monitoring can be used to reach maximum efficiency and power because of the soft- and hardware solution MaNima Technologies provides.

Heavy duty LED Engine design

The LED Fixture is protected against high-pressure and high-temperature chemical cleaning, making it suitable for extreme environments that frequently need cleaning.