Wellness areas

Digital LED Pixel Wall


Recreation and leisure

Scope of application

Wellness areas like saunas and swimming pools


LED assembly – LED mouldingHardware and software engineering

Customization option

All LED wellness solutions are custom made

Digital pixel matrix

To recreate the northern lights in a sauna, we used a digital pixel matrix behind salt stones. Because of the temperatures and humidity, we must ensure of IP68 classification and high efficiency LED pixels.

Prefab LED installations

Depending on the project, LED fixtures can be delivered completely plug & play including moulding, cable assembly and connectors. MaNima interfaces can also be programmed beforehand so technicians can easily install the LED installation.


The digital pixel matrix is controlled by the MaNima Magnus. To regulate the temperature of the LED engines, a MaNima Pollux module is used. Through the extension function, the MaNima Pollux Module is connected to the MaNima Magnus, which in turn regulates the current of the digital LED pixels.

Building management system

The MaNima interfaces are connected to the building management system. The northern light scene is started with a digital contact, that is connected to this system.