Creative lighting

Dynamic LED Ring


Creative lighting

Scope of application

LED installations with dynamic light


Hardware and software engineering

Customization option

All creative light solutions are custom made

Dynamic ring 

The dynamic ring of LED light consists of hanging profiles containing the digital 12 volt GS8208 digital pixel LED-strip. More than 2000 meters of LED-strip have been incorporated in the entire installation.

Show control integration

The total experience is controlled by multiple MaNima Magnus 26 Interfaces that are centrally controlled by a show control server.

Voltage regulation

With large LED installations, you will have to deal with voltage drops. The GS8208 LED has a built-in voltage regulation which reduces the voltage drop.

Pixel control

Multiple MaNima Magnus Interfaces were used to control more than 192000 pixels (576000 channels) live via Art-Net. These interfaces are synchronised using the group function.