UV Disinfection Industrial


Industry – Disinfection

Scope of application

Disinfection of air, water, surfaces, objects and in the food industry


Hardware engineeringLED semi-finished products – LED moulding

Customization option

Products can be customized/ designed according to the application – White labeling and OEM product design

Accuracy in radiance

Accuracy in UV-C, such as 255nm, 265nm and 280nm, radiance is important because a large deviation can cause problems. It is also important to ensure that the surface is irradiated evenly.

Heat management

With large capacities it is necessary to keep the heat management optimal, LED engines need to be equipped with a heat sink or active cooling.

PCB design 

Custom PCB design so that the LED engine can be incorporated into an existing installation or a new machine. All our PCB designs meet the necessary certifications such as ROHS, ISO standards and UL certification.


The UV-A light, together with a catalyst, initiates a chemical reaction that ensures disinfection. Often used in the food industry, air purification systems and the medical sector.

Real-time monitoring

The MaNima Pollux Industry monitors all inputs and outputs of itself. The currents and voltages are measured here. If currents or other measured values ​​are too high, the MaNima Pollux Industry can intervene autonomously to prevent calamities.


Triggers can be easily and flexibly configured using the MaNima Configurator, MaNima Cloud and UDP commands. The MaNima Pollux Industry has a wide range of inputs and outputs, such as digital contacts, Ethernet, Industrial Network Protocols.

Pulse mode

Parameters such as pulse width and height, strobe characteristics and triggers can easily be configured with the MaNima Pollux Industry.


The LuxaLight LED engine is equipped with an NTC that makes it possible to measure the temperature in real time. Maximum efficiency can be achieved with real-time temperature monitoring of the LED engine.

Quartz glass

The UV LED engine can be equipped with quartz glass. Quartz glass protects the LED engine and ensures uniform UV radiation.


The UV radiance can be bundled in a targeted place by means of a lens. The optics are available in various degrees. It is also important to ensure that the surface is irradiated evenly.