Public areas

Dynamic City Light


Architecture – Public areas

Scope of application

Dynamic and functional light in city centre Roosendaal


LED assembly – LED monitoring – Cloud solutions

Customization option

Assembling silicone extrusions with RGBW LED engines

Custom silicone extrusions

LED lines composed of a silicone extrusion and RGBW LED engine. Approximately 600 meters of silicone extrusion have been incorporated into 219 custom-made rvs profiles.

Real-time monitoring

The installation is monitored on various parameters such as temperature, current and voltage. In the event of irregularities or incidents, the system can intervene autonomously to prevent damage.

Dynamic RGBW LED controlling

The entire installation is controlled by Art-net and is equipped with 576 different channels to create the dynamic light effects.


All parameters of the entire installation are updated to the MaNima cloud in real time. The entire installation can also be controlled remotely, such as on/ off switching times or for programmed scenes.


The LuxaLight LED fixtures can be equipped with an NTC that makes it possible to measure the temperature in real time. Maximum efficiency can be achieved with real-time temperature monitoring of the LED fixture.