Creative lighting

Dynamic Façade Lighting


Creative lighting

Scope of application

Dynamic façade lighting


LED assembly – LED moulding – Software engineering – Hardware engineeringProject management

Customization option

All dynamic facade light solutions are custom made

Dynamic LED lines

Waterproof dynamic LED lines, consists of molded profiles that are equipped with digital TM1814 pixel LED-strips. The entire installation is composed of 7 series with 2 NTCs.


The installation is controlled by two MaNima digital interfaces and one MaNima Pollux Module. The Pollux Module is linked to the MaNima Magnus via the extension function.


Temperature measurements are made using the MaNima Pollux Module. The entire installation is monitored, when the temperature becomes too high, the MaNima Pollux Module intervenes.

Moulded IP68 LED fixtures

A fully moulded LED fixture is IP68 and IK10 classified. Also protected against chemicals and weather conditions.