Creative lighting

Brand Experience


Creative lighting – Brand experience

Scope of application

Dynamic and digital LED lighting for brand experience


Project managementLED mouldingHardware and software engineering – Cloud solutions

Customization option

All creative LED lighting solutions are custom made

Waterproof IP68 and IK10 

A fully moulded LED fixture is IP68 and IK10 classified. Also protected against cleaning chemicals and water.

Real-time monitoring

The installation is monitored on various parameters such as temperature, current and voltage. In the event of irregularities or incidents, the system can intervene autonomously to prevent damage.

Show control integration

The total experience is controlled by multiple MaNima Magnus Interfaces that are centrally controlled by a show control server.

Digital LED mapping

The total digital LED installation is mapped with Madrix 5. The required scenes are recorded beforehand and can be activated by the central show control server with Art-Net.

Multiple protocols

Several thousand RGB LEDs spread over different protocols can all be controlled by multiple MaNima Magnus Interfaces.

Prefab LED installations

Depending on the project, LED Fixtures can be delivered completely plug & play including moulding, cable assembly and connectors. MaNima interfaces can also be programmed beforehand so technicians can easily install the LED installation.