Indoor Farming



Scope of application

Vertical farming – Indoor farming – Controlled environment agriculture (CEA)


Hardware engineering – Software design

Customization option

All indoor farming solutions are custom made and have the option of integration in existing systems


LED engines can be designed with one or multiple wavelengths. Specifications such as wavelength peak, beam angle, PPF and PPFD etc. must be taken into account when designing. All wavelengths can be adjusted separately.

Adjustable PWM frequencies

Each wavelength PWM frequency can be adjusted from 200Hz to 30kHz with the MaNima Pollux Industry.

Heat management

The heat development of the LED engines can be measured by the MaNima Pollux Industry. When the temperature gets too high, the MaNima Pollux Industry lowers the current.

Energy efficiency

Save on energy costs by using the most efficient specifications, such as PWM frequencies, pulse, wavelength, radiance or luminosity.

Real-time monitoring 

The electronic specifications can be monitored in real time with the MaNima Pollux Industry. This enables the LED installation to operate on maximum efficiency with the longest lifetime.


Use astronomic timetables to set action handlers on specific times or periodic events.

Real-time board and LED engine temperature 

Board and LED engine temperatures are logged in real time. This data is shown in the MaNima Cloud and it is possible to generate graphs and tables from this.