Machine vision

365nm Inspection


Industry – Machine vision

Scope of application

Detecting defects in material surfaces – Liquid density research – Detection of hydrocarbons – Clearcoat control on PCBs – Food commodities inspection – Germicidal detection, etc


Hardware engineering – LED assembly – LED semi-finished products – LED moulding

Customization option

Products can be customized/ designed according to the application – White labeling and OEM product design

Heat management

By combining the UV-A 365nm LED engine with a matching heat sink, higher powers and radiation are achievable. With large capacities it is necessary to keep the heat management optimal, LED engines need to be equipped with a heat sink or active cooling.


The LuxaLight LED engine is equipped with an NTC that makes it possible to measure the temperature in real time. Maximum efficiency can be achieved with real-time temperature monitoring of the LED engine.

Moulded fixtures

When the fixtures are placed in an environment with high humidity or a large mechanical load, it is better to mould the fixtures.

Quartz glass

The UV LED engine can be equipped with quartz glass. Quartz glass protects the LED engine and ensures uniform UV radiation.