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Luxury Interior


Architecture – Construction

Scope of application

Luxury housing – Office buildings – Small companies – Non public buildings


LED assembly – LED mouldingSoftware and hardware engineering – Project management – Cloud solutions

Customization option

All luxury interior LED solutions are custom made

Home automation

Thanks to our software and hardware solutions, LED interior solutions can easily be integrated into existing home automation systems using digital/ analog triggers, UDP commands and Art-Net. Integration is also possible (Lutron, KNX, Dali).

Custom fixtures 

LED fixtures/ modules can be made for living rooms, bathrooms, meeting rooms and entrances, etc. The LED fixtures can be placed in floors, walls or ceilings (marble, Onyx, natural stone).


By applying custom-made LED fixtures/ modules, we can meet the required specifications, such as colour authenticity (CRI), colour temperature, opening angle and design.

LED moulding

With the right combination of housing and resin, the LED engines/ fixtures can achieve IP68 and IK10 values simultaneously.

Seamless integration 

For seamless integration the moulding process must be done on-site. As well as the finishing of the floor. The LED fixture can be cast into any type of floor such as marble, Onyx, natural stone, cast floors, concrete floors, etc.

Cloud solutions for domotics

MaNima products, when connected to the internet, offer the possibility to control lighting remotely.


In places that are difficult or inaccessible, where material has to be removed for repair, it is recommended to perform the installation redundantly.