Creative lighting

Multiple SPI protocols


Entertainment and leisure

Scope of application

LED projects with creative lighting


Software design

Customization option

All creative digital LED lighting solutions are custom made

Controlling LEDs

Several thousand RGB LEDs distributed over four protocols, all controlled by one MaNima digital LED interface (Magnus). The four protocols consist of WS2812, TM1814, APA102 and SK6812.

MaNima Magnus 

The MaNima Magnus has 6 fully customizable ports that are used to send data to the individual LEDs in the installation. It is also possible to add up to 2 full DMX-512 universes on the same interface. The Magnus can control up to 26 universes (SPI).

Linux based HMI touch screen

The HMI touch screen is based on Linux, a system that works very stable and requires no maintenance.


The MaNima HMI touch screen is configured to operate the interface. Recording and selection of multiple scenes is possible. The LEDs can also be dimmed/ accelerated with a slider.

Custom touch screen software

Our engineers can set up a custom touch screen with all the desired functions built in. It is also possible to personalize the frontend.