Recording Studios



Scope of application

Image, video and sound studios


Project managementHardware and software engineering

Customization option

All solutions for high sensitivity installations are custom made

EMC requirements

LED installations must meet very high EMC standards due to the sensitivity of image, VR and sound equipment. Due to the electromagnetic compatibility and the high-end design, the MaNima Pollux 30 kHz can be used.

Low total harmonic distortion

The MaNima Pollux 30kHz has been specially developed for interference-prone LED applications. To reduce interference caused by LEDs.


The cables should be shielded to increase immunity and reduce emissions.

Image and sound quality

Image, sound recordings and virtual reality applications can receive interference when the PWM frequency of the LEDs is too low in relation to the recording quality (eg FPS or resolution). A higher PWM frequency of >20kHz is often used to reduce harmonic distortion on image and sound equipment.