Redundancy & Fail-safe



Scope of application

Public roads – Walkways – Bike lanes – Bridges


Hardware engineering – Software engineering – Monitoring

Customization option

All redundancy and fail-safe solutions are custom made and have the option of integration in existing systems


LED installations in traffic systems must be redundant to ensure a fail-safe system and visibility at all times.  The MaNima Pollux Industry is able to switch between power supplies and LED output instantly with the ‘action handler’ function.


The MaNima Pollux Industry monitors all inputs and outputs of itself. The currents and voltages are measured here. If currents or other measured values ​​are too high, the MaNima Pollux Industry can intervene autonomously to prevent calamities.

Handler alarms

Receive alarms by e-mail or through the MaNima Cloud, when certain safety handlers are triggered. These handlers are the indication of calamities or exceeded parameter values.

Connectivity alarm

Receive an alarm when a MaNima Pollux Industry or MaNima Magnus has lost connection with the internet. This is also an indication of the reliability of the internet connection.