Cloud solutions (architecture)

Remote Support




Software engineering

Customization option

All solutions for remote support are custom made

Automatic firmware updates

When the MaNima Pollux Module or the MaNima Magnus is connected to the internet, it receives automated updates that improve the reliability of the interface.

Handler alarms 

Receive alarms by e-mail or through the MaNima Cloud, when certain safety handlers are triggered. These handlers are the indication of calamities or exceeded parameter values.

Connectivity alarm

Receive an alarm when a MaNima Pollux or MaNima Magnus has lost connection with the internet. This is also an indication of the reliability of the internet connection.

Cloud back up

Restore the configuration of a (dead) MaNima interface by loading the configuration of the MaNima interface from the MaNima Cloud back up, into the new MaNima interface.

Timetable and astro clock

Use timetables to add functions to times and/ or dates. Timetables can be set for sunset and sunrise with the built-in astro clock.