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Silicone LED Extrusions


Architecture – Silicone LED extrusions

Scope of application

Ceilings and walls


LED semi-finished productsHardware engineering

Customization option

Available in various sizes and designs depending on the LED application – Also deliverable as white labeling and OEM product

Semi-finished product

A silicone LED extrusion is a semi-finished product that is assembled with a suitable LED-strip, such as monochrome, RGB, RGBW and digital LED-strips.

Bending direction

Silicone ensures that the extrusion remains flexible and that the profile can be bent in a horizontal/ vertical bending direction.


A silicone LED extrusion can come in different finishes, often this is white, black or clear transparent.


The LED extrusion can be designed with different levels of transparency, ranging from completely diffuse to clear.

High IP value

The silicone LED extrusion is IP67 waterproof so its suitable for outdoor applications.

Opening angle

All silicone LED extrusions have a light opening angle. The most common opening angles are 120°, 180°, 270° and 360°.