Status Indication


Industry – Signaling

Scope of application

Status indication in production processes – Status indication for safety


LED assembly – Software and hardware engineeringLED semi-finished products

Customization option

All signaling LED solutions for status indication are custom made

PCB design

Every machine with signaling technology needs a different solution. Our engineers can develop PCBs for any signaling solution. All our PCB designs meet necessary certifications such as ROHS, ISO standards and UL certification.


Integration into existing systems is possible through UDP commands, custom API, digital I/O.


Triggers can be easily and flexibly configured using the MaNima Configurator, MaNima Cloud, and UDP commands. The MaNima Pollux Industry has a wide range of inputs and outputs, such as digital contacts, Ethernet, Industrial Network Protocols.

Waterproof IP68 and IK10 

If possible, the fixture can be moulded. A fully cast in LED fixture is IP68 and IK10 classified.