Public areas

Town Hall Square


Architecture – Public areas

Scope of application

Functional outdoor lighting


LED moulding – LED assembly – Mechanical drawing – Hardware engineering – Cloud solutions

Customization option

All architectural LED solutions are custom made

High IP value, UV resistant and vandal-proof

LED architectural lighting placed on public outdoor areas must usually be vandal-proof, have a high IP value and UV resistant. LED installations can get a higher IP and IK value by moulding LEDs if they do not meet the requirements.

Heat management

High temperatures can be reached in public outdoor spaces, causing the LED lines to expand. The composition of the casting resin must be adapted to this, so that any heat stress from contraction and expansion is absorbed.

Voltage drop compensation

LED installations that require long lengths off cable will likely experience a drop in voltage. The MaNima Pollux Module is able to compensate this drop in voltage.

Mechanical drawing

Some installations must be mechanically drawn. The detailed development of projects can be of great importance because of the anchoring in floors or other surfaces and temperature differences.

Cloud solutions

MaNima products, when connected to the internet, offer the possibility to control lighting remotely.


The LuxaLight LED fixtures can be equipped with an NTC that makes it possible to measure the temperature in real time. Maximum efficiency can be achieved with real-time temperature monitoring of the LED fixture.