Wellness areas

Underwater LED Tile


Recreation and leisure

Scope of application

Underwater LED tile for functional and accent lighting


LED moulding – LED assembly

Customization option

All LED wellness solutions for underwater are custom made

RGB(W) LED matrix 

The RGB(W) LED matrix can change color and has a high LED density which means that there are no visible hotspots.

High IP and IK value 

In order to guarantee the impact resistance and water tightness, the tile must be poured in. With the right combination of housing and resin, the LED tile can achieve IP68 and IK10 values simultaneously.

Heat regulation

To regulate the heat there are high efficiency LEDs applied. An NTC is used to regulate the current of the LEDs in combination with the MaNima Pollux Module.


Fixtures provided with a casting resin should be checked for heat management. The housing and the casting resin have different coefficients of expansion (elongation and shrinkage). At high temperatures the difference becomes too great and there is a chance that the casting resin will come loose from the housing.