Visual LED Barrier



Scope of application

At intersections where pedestrians cross – Road markings


Project managementHardware engineering – LED assembly – LED moulding – Software engineering – LED semi-finished products

Customization option

All infrastructural solutions are custom made. Also available as OEM solution


LED installations in traffic systems must be redundant to guarantee visibility at all times and to guarantee a fail-safe system. The MaNima Pollux Industry can use the ‘action handler’ function to switch directly between the power supplies and LED output.

High usage intensity 

LED installations in traffic must be suitable for a high usage intensity of 24 hours a day, be suitable for all weather conditions and be able to withstand a heavy load.


The interface can be adapted by the engineers of MaNima Technologies by simple adjustments or additions so that it is suitable for full integration into the central traffic system.


The MaNima Pollux Industry can be used to control and monitor the LED installation, so that calamities such as failure and excessive temperatures are immediately indicated.

Dynamic light intensity

To decrease the light pollution, the lumen output of the visual LED barrier can be changed using day/ night switches and/ or LDRs.

Heat management

With large capacities it is necessary to keep the heat management optimal. LED road fixtures need to be designed with extreme weather conditions in mind.