Fixtures Road Surfaces



Scope of application

Public roads – Walkways – Bike lanes – Bridges


Mechanical design – LED moulding

Customization option

Custom mechanical design for seamless integration into road surfaces

Mechanical design

In cooperation with the developer, we can advise about the best mechanical design of the LED fixture.

Color and intensity

When designing a custom LED fixture, the colour(s) and intensity (lumen) can be selected depending on the application.

Waterproof IP68 and IK10 

If possible, the fixture can be moulded. A fully cast in LED fixture is IP68 and IK10 classified.

Heat management

With large capacities it is necessary to keep the heat management optimal. LED road fixtures need to be designed with extreme weather conditions in mind.

LED moulding

In order to meet the technical requirements of the LED application, sometimes a choice has to be made for casting the housing. The casting is done with a casting resin suitable for the application. The composition of the casting resin is determined by the application.

Monitoring and delamination

When the housing is provided with a casting resin, it is recommended to monitor the installation. The reason for this is that the housing and the casting resin have different coefficients of expansion (elongation and shrinkage) at high temperatures. There is a chance that the casting resin will delaminate from the housing.